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No New Posts Vampire Dust Information-

Here you will find the Rules of the site which everyone must read before RPing, you will also find all the old threads here, if you going away for a while you can post it in here so we know and you can find all the news on what’s happening with the site here too.
Sub-Boards: (Rules of the RP, Dead threads, Absent, News)

Sub-boards: Rules-, Absent-, News and Updates-

6 15 Gone
by Gail Marie Jacobs
May 30, 2009 18:26:28 GMT 1
No New Posts Site Information-

You will find all the plots in here along with the odd bit of information on the history of the town Misery and anything else that happens.

Sub-board: Plots-

1 1 S1: Fairy Tales
by Spencer Lee
May 14, 2009 17:49:16 GMT 1
No New Posts Have your say

This part of the site is all about you member’s. What you want to change with the site. If you have any problems with something or if you just have some ideas for the site. This is where we want you to post them.

1 1 Garages?
by Jonathan Locke
May 1, 2009 18:40:41 GMT 1

Character Area

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No New Posts Character Apply-

Apply for your character here. You can choose from a cannon character or a original character. If you choose original character then you can choose from there groups: Slayer, Witch, Vampire, Demon, Human. Remember to read the rules before applying.

Sub-boards: Celebrities Claim, Character Apply

12 19 Spike
by fido
Jul 1, 2009 23:43:18 GMT 1
No New Posts Character Biographies-

Here you will find all the information about the characters. Once they are accepted!
Sub-Boards: (Cannon character, Slayer, Vampire, Which/Warlock, Human, Mutans, Watcher, Demon, Army)

Sub-boards: Cannon Character Biographies, Slayer Biographies, Vampire Biographies, Witch/Warlock Biographies, Human Biographies, Mutant Biographies, Watcher Biographies, Demon Biographies, Army Soldier Biographies

32 63 Lily Canters
by Selena Johnson
Sept 2, 2009 20:01:15 GMT 1
No New Posts Character Fun

The Character fun area is where you can post photo galleries of your character, do character plotting and post their own journals or online diaries.

Sub-boards: Journals-, Character Plotting-, Photo Gallery-

18 66 VD postings
by Selena Johnson
Sept 25, 2009 5:40:01 GMT 1


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Slayer Head Quarters

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No New Posts Entrance-

Since the closing of the Watchers Council in England and the closing of Sunnydale. They have built a brand new glittering W/C. It is sat near the sea away from the public. It is protected by magic and technology making it more or less imposable to get in with out being seen. There are more then 30 thousand square feet of ground. It is an ideal place for slayers to train.

2 15 Just Looking Around (Open)
by Lindsey McDonald
May 8, 2009 23:20:38 GMT 1
No New Posts Learning-

With more then 12 thousand books in there library about demons, witch craft, slayers and past slayers and watchers diaries it is the best place for a slayer o learn all she needs to know. Slayers and Watchers can come to class and learn about slayers, demons and becoming a watcher. There’s also a Study hall that comes fully suited with computers and research material for slayers and newbie watchers to study for class.
Sub-boards-(Library, Study room, Class’s)

Sub-boards: Class’s-, Library-, Study room-

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No New Posts Training-

The training room I fully suited with martial arts class’s, training with weaponry, you can train hand to hand with other slayers. There is also a Training Dorm which is ran by a magic. It creates real life problems for the slayers. The most comment is vampires. The magic creates fake vampires to run around the Dorm. It helps slayers train in real life situations.
Sub-Boards: (Training, Training Dorm)

Sub-boards: Training Dorm-, Training Room-

3 24 The bag attack first (open)
by Gail Marie Jacobs
Jul 6, 2009 2:30:33 GMT 1
No New Posts The Main Room-

Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles come here to discuses what to do next. Only main members of slayers, watchers or witches are allowed in here. This is where most of there valuable information is kept.

1 6 b.a.b.y. thats just m e ! [[W.i.l.l.o.w]]
by Willow Rosenberg
Apr 24, 2009 5:45:49 GMT 1
No New Posts Sleeping Quarters-

They are located on the 4th and 5th flood. They house slayers, watchers and some witches. Each quarters has two rooms, they have there own kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Sub-board: Jessica Davis

1 1 Want a Room?
by Spencer Lee
Jul 17, 2007 22:50:49 GMT 1


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No New Posts 911-

Misery Valley has not got one of the best track records when it comes to the law. However it has more then 300 hundred police officers active at the moment. The Hospital has the lowest death count in the whole town which doesn’t look good for the other places in town where you wouldn’t expect people to die.
Sub-Boards: (Police Station, Hospital, Fire Station)

Sub-boards: Police Station-, Hospital-, Fire Station-

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No New Posts Transport-

All the transport into, out of or around Misery all sit very close together. There are more then 100 different bus stops and taxi stops around Misery.
The train station leads into the next town which is 13 miles away from Misery. It goes over the mountains that surround the town.
Sub-Boards: (Train Station, Bus Depo, Air Port)

Sub-boards: Air Port-, Bus Depo-, Train Station-

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No New Posts Knowledge-

Misery Valley came number 15 in the 100 top Towns for learning in 1998. It has kept its standards high, its keeps up to date with all the latest upgrades. It has state of the art computers, the latest books and every month there it’s a new exabition in the Art gallery and Museum. The Uni and College both have there own campus with more then 700 rooms.
Sub-Boards: (College, Public Library, Museum, Art Gallery)

Sub-boards: Museum-, Art Gallery-, Public Library-, Misery College-

3 42 Moved: Normal for now~Cyrus~
by Twain Saber
Sept 25, 2009 5:24:53 GMT 1

Misery Estate

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No New Posts Houses-

Home to more then 1,068 families, each house has its out en-suite, 3 to 4 bedrooms, attics, some come with basements but not all. They have front and back gardens. The ideal home from bring up a family.

Sub-boards: 514 Campbell Rd (Xander Harris and Spencer Lee), 667 Misery Estate (Buffy and Dawn Summers)

2 15 Big Cook, Little Cook{Alyssa}
by Xander Harris
May 12, 2009 10:48:20 GMT 1

The Town

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No New Posts Town Center-

The town centre is the heart of Misery Valley. The centre surrounds Madson Park with shops dotted around the side of the park. The town Hall is home to the Mayor and is where all the laws are set. It has been standing since the town re-opened after it first fell back in the 18th century.
Sub-Boards: (Cinema, Town Hall, StarBucks, Marlins Books, Magic Shop)

Sub-boards: Town Hall-, StarBucks-, Marlins Books-, Magic Shop-, Cinema-

3 19 Wonder what this can do...(Open)
by Seth Lopez
May 17, 2009 19:28:08 GMT 1
No New Posts Misery Park-

It is the biggest park in Misery; it is mostly populated with dog walkers or runners. There is a small Lake located in the centre of the park with a few trees dotted around the park it is the ideal place for having picnics or hanging with your friends. It is also sat atop our very own Hellmouth.

2 10 Mr Brightside ((Open))
by Jonathan Locke
May 2, 2009 16:37:05 GMT 1
No New Posts Saint Luke-

Saint Luke was re-built in 2007 after it was mysteriously burned down. The vandal was never caught. It is the first church built when the town was re-built. It is the smaller of the two churches. They also attached a mausoleum at the side,
Sub-Boards: (Church, Graveyard, mausoleum)

Sub-boards: Saint Luke's Church-, Mausoleum-, Graveyard-

7 96 Faith In Wonder Land
by Faith Lehane
Jun 21, 2009 4:04:13 GMT 1
No New Posts Lake Misery-

One of the biggest lakes in Misery and one of the most known around America, it leads into the sea. It holds one of the best boating shows and games. It has been said that a Loc Nest monster type creature has been seen in them waters although it has never been proven. It has become more of a myth then a fact. There is a life boat guard around the lake 24/7 in case some one falls in.

2 30 Grasping The Moon (Open)
by Phoenix Lange
May 6, 2009 3:22:43 GMT 1
No New Posts The Woods & Jumping Jack Cliff-

Know as the place of no return the woods are one of the oldest places in the town. In 1989 a group of campers went missing and where never found from then on no body with half a brain would set food in the woods. The police have checked the woods out and found nothing. But people still don’t go into the woods. The woods also lead into down town Misery aka the bad part of town.

Sub-board: Jumping Jack Cliff-

3 23 New equities (Soyoko "The Monster")
by Soyoko "The Monster"
May 26, 2009 3:06:01 GMT 1
No New Posts Apartment Plant-

There are more then 300 apartments in the plant. Each one is fitted with its own bathroom, kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. It is located outside the woods and is on the boarder of the town and down town.

Sub-boards: Apartment Number: 25 (Lisa Hallam), Apartment Number: 54 (Ryan Davis), Apartment Number: 111 (Phoenix Cassandra Lange), Apartment Number: 112 (John Shepperd), Apartment Number: 141 (Jonathan Locke), Apartment Number: 203 (Gail Marie Jacobs), Apartment Number: 296 (Twain Saber), Apartment Number: 300 (Soyoko Sishimata)

5 46 Getting to know you *Lisa*
by Finn Taylor
Jun 23, 2009 15:03:23 GMT 1
No New Posts Misery Motel-

The old cheap motel. Not some where that many people would go for a honey moon. It is located at the side of the woods next to the bad part of town. It has been there for years, which you can tell by the way it looks. There are 13 rooms, each one comes with a bathroom and living/bed room.

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No New Posts The Streets-

Walk the streets of Misery Valley, there are lots of hidden secrets dotted around the town. Walk through the dark alleys where there’s evil lurking all the time.

2 17 Anyone got a light? {Open}
by Lisa Hallam
Jun 18, 2009 9:57:40 GMT 1

Down Town

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No New Posts Club Evolution-

This the hottest night club in town the only down side is that its in the not so nice part of town. The club has live bands every night, some local bands too. It hold up to 200 hundred people a night. During the day it is home to the under 21s where they can hang out and not drink alcohol. It has two bouncers out on the door every night, both know of vampires and know what the W/C do. Jack and Jenson Johnson tell Buffy if anything is happening.

4 46 Night till [Dawn//open]]
by Cyrus Destiny;
May 20, 2009 0:45:23 GMT 1
No New Posts Downfall-

The only place the demons come to drink, it is in the heart of the bad end of town. Demons come here to get away from the slayers (even though they bump into a lot of them) When a slayer comes into there club there a secrete passages that lead to the sewers that they escape from the slayers.

1 9 Shaking Up Downfall [Phoenix]
by Jonathan Locke
May 12, 2009 19:46:33 GMT 1
No New Posts Warehouses-

There are about ten warehouses in the bad part of town a lot of which have been empty for years. They are often inhabited by demons hiding or plotting.

2 25 Sigh [open]
by Ellie N. Kelly
May 15, 2009 1:28:55 GMT 1
No New Posts Sewers-

They run all around under the town which gives vampires full run of the town in the daytime. There are more passages every years being found that lead to different places in the town that are not on the maps. They also lead to the underground mine that crashed 100 years ago.

1 1 Between a Vamp and a Hard Place
by Jonathan Locke
May 5, 2009 18:41:12 GMT 1

Around the world

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No New Posts The Whole-

A sunny town named Sunnydale was here until Buffy Summers and the gang made it claps in a big whole of nothingness. Here is now where the hellmouth used to be. There are still demons about but the hellmouth is truly in active.

1 23 (Memories) Open
by Xander Harris
Jun 17, 2009 10:18:21 GMT 1

Out of Character Section

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No New Posts Member Board-

This is the place for members where they can come and chat with the other members about anything. There is a board for Buffy where people can talk about the show and give people there opinions on what they think. You can also advertise your sites in here too. But you must be a member to post here.
Sub-Boards: (General chat, Buffy talk, Fun and Games, Advertise)

Sub-boards: General-, Buffy Chat-, Fun and Games-, Advertise-, Buffy the vampire slayer

21 118
No New Posts Graphics-

The graphic section is where us members can post our art work may it be blends, wall papers, icons, banners, book covers etc. There all go in here.
You can also request banners and icons too.

26 212 g r a p h i c r.e.q.u.e.s.t
by Spencer Lee
May 19, 2009 15:33:33 GMT 1
No New Posts Guest Friendly Advertising

[First Advert.Link Back.Affiliate]

This board is guest friendly and the only place on the board it is appropriate for guests to post their site. Members have their own advertising board under the members section.

Please ensure you have a place on your site for us to place our advert back or yours will be deleted.

Sub-boards: First Advert, Link Back

55 56 Never Leave Me (BtVS)
by Lexie
Feb 12, 2016 4:04:49 GMT 1

The Archives

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No New Posts The Archives

Where all the old threads are layed to rest. Here you'll find all the old threads that hadn't been posted in for quite a while. If you would like to revive one, just pm an admin and ask!

Sub-boards: Out of Character, Watcher's Council, The Town+Down Town, Around the World, Others, Dead Threads-

500 5,391 Moved: Amy Madison
by Amy Madison
Sept 2, 2009 17:57:46 GMT 1


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